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The Iguana & The Ichthyosaurus

The Iggy (the Iguana) and Itchy (the Ichthyosaurus) have evolutionary similarities. Itchy is created from soft tissue, which has been preserved for millennia. Iggy is one offspring from a female

The Horse and The Hawk

The Comanche settlement was on the great plains of Texas. In those days’ cattle and buffalo roamed wild over vast areas. Horses were in abundance and huge herds could be

The Giraffe and the Gorilla

Margaret Olive Mount (Peggy) lived in a council house in Gillingham, her home life was very tough and money was very short.  Her parents both worked. Her father (Albert) worked

The Flyingfish and the Fishing Cat

In this fable the fish and the feline transform fantastically, They formulate ideas and find form fanatically. They become friends; they fall in love in the plot. The kittens make

The Elk and the Elephant

Lord Ditchburn was sitting in the large morning room at Thursley Manor.  The morning room was filled with artefacts from the family’s travels around the world.  A large number of

The Dog and Duck

The Dog and Duck is published today, book number 8. An amazing story set in the time of Robin Hood. All the antics of tavern with adventure and intrigue.

The Chinese Panda and the Chinese Pot-Bellied Pig

The Zebra Lionfish and the Zebra Clownfish

The heroin is unable to marry until Neptune dies and is banished to the underwater world with her lover, united as one in the form of the Zebra Clownfish.  An

The Yak and the Yellow-Backed Arctic Fox

This story is about the friendship which develops between Red (the Fox) Quinny (the Yak) and Thor (the Inuit tribesman). In the harsh but spectacularly stunning landscape of the Arctic

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