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Red-Cloud (Native American Indian) & The Rodeo Star

The over-arching theme of this book is the development of a NEW PHILOSOPHY. As with any new philosophy it is based upon the human experience. This theme arises from knowledge,

The Quetzal and The Quagga

The story is set in the time of the Russian revolution by the Bolsheviks. The Romanovs are all killed by them, but The Tsarina is attending the ballet rehearsal and

The Pekingese and the Persian Blue

Chapter 1. The Gingerbread Club was set up to bring single-parents together, to support them and their children and to provide a voice for all single parents so that they

The Opossum And The Otter

Preview: Oliphant the Opossum was at home and he had done all his chores. It was Wednesday and he felt good because everything in his home was shipshape and Bristol

The Nyala and the Nighthawk

The events which will subsequently unfold are about the two wild creatures who have particularly amazing attributes. These attributes are harnessed by the establishment, to great effect, bringing many serious

The Meerkat and the Marmoset

The Lemur and the Llama

Please find attached copy of the above. The story is about the two who become pen-pals and go on The Grand Tour of Romanesque cities. Each place is typified by

The Koala And The Kitten With No Name

The Jaguar and the Jack Rabbit

This story is based on many truths; many lies and many deceptions. The main characters are the Knight of the Realm, Sir Anthony Montagu-Browne (The Jack-Rabbit) and Lady Jane Williams

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