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The Jaguar and the Jack Rabbit

An Overview:

This story is based on many truths; many lies and many deceptions. The main characters are the Knight of the Realm, Sir Anthony Montagu-Browne (The Jack-Rabbit) and Lady Jane Williams of Elvel (The Jaguar or Cougar) both cast as the devil; and God, who is represented, by The Archbishop of Canterbury, (as the highest ecclesiastical authority, in the land; The Church of England).

Mr. Gavin Welby, the son of a Jewish immigrant. Portrayed as the devil, a fallen angel. The devil himself may have been the offspring of The Angel Gabriel. Lucifer, we are told, is jealous of the Messiah, goes to war with God and tempts Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Could the devil be the son of God?  In the tale, the conspirator creates an argument for paternity.

The Jaguar and the Jack Rabbit

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