<span itemprop="name">Red-Cloud (Native American Indian) & The Rodeo Star</span>

Red-Cloud (Native American Indian) & The Rodeo Star

The over-arching theme of this book is the development of a NEW PHILOSOPHY. As with any new philosophy it is based upon the human experience. This theme arises from knowledge, but knowledge is inherently of the past. The book portends this NEW PHILOSOPHY which has its roots in WISDOM. Wisdom is knowing, knowing of the future. Someone wise will know what to do, what to say and what to expect. This new philosophy is simplicity itself and yet it’s secret lies in American Native Culture and is called NAWYA. The name literally means;-  A knowing. We talk of a knowing child, a wise man or woman, a soothsayer or as The American Indians would say, A Medicine Man. This book, therefore, is a vehicle for the communication of WISDOM and knowledge. Red Cloud, Will Rogers, Jeronimo, White Eagle and Black Elk have all contributed to the wealth of human knowledge, borne often through adversity, but more importantly to human wisdom.