<span itemprop="name">The Quetzal and The Quagga</span>

The Quetzal and The Quagga

The story is set in the time of the Russian revolution by the Bolsheviks. The Romanovs are all killed by them, but The Tsarina is attending the ballet rehearsal and is shot separately. A Mysterious gentleman called Inkwell Wheelwright saves her and rescues the Quetzal (Exotic bird) and the Quagga (Zebra) from the burning Big-Top circus.  They travel to England and as Alice recovers she shows excellence in all things sartorial and Inkwell is a great Wheelwright. They both work for the royal family who recognize their true identity. Rasputin and the Tsarina, they have a child Beatrice who marries prince Henry son of King George V and Mary. Alice dies from her injuries (or is she poisoned) and Rasputin is assassinated by the Bolsheviks.