<span itemprop="name">The Opossum And The Otter</span>

The Opossum And The Otter

Preview: Oliphant the Opossum was at home and he had done all his chores. It was Wednesday and he felt good because everything in his home was shipshape and Bristol fashion.  He had even tended his garden and it was looking great.  His aunt Edna lived about two miles away and he hadn’t seen her for a few days. Oliphant had received a message from his aunt Edna, it was an invitation to go for a picnic in the meadow near to where she lived.  Oliphant knew that it would take him several hours to travel the two miles. He packed a bag with water and something to nibble on the way.

It was a glorious day.  Oliphant had thought to himself that he would take a very relaxed stroll, along the road leading to his aunt Edna’s house. It was a straight road for the first half of the journey but at a stile, about half way, the journey became a cross-country one, with various obstacles along the way, including a river.

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